So grateful…

It’s Easter Sunday, and I woke up with the morning sun. I must have been excited to see what treats the Easter Bunny had left! Well, maybe not. To be honest I woke up thinking about how our lives and habits have changed since the onset of this Covid-19 pandemic.

At this same time last year, Bernard & I were out the door very early on Easter Sunday to avoid the crowds of tourists that would eventually take over Fisherman’s Bastion in Budapest. This historic site offers some of the most stunning views of Budapest which is why it’s at the top of every visitor’s list when they come to this beautiful city. Everything about  Fisherman’s Bastion was breathtaking.

It’s been a year since we stayed in Budapest, but now it seems so unreal to me.  If someone had told us last year as we were travelling through several countries in Europe that we would have a coronavirus pandemic to deal with this year, I would have wondered which science fiction movie they had seen.

More than ever, I have been having thoughts of our past travels as I watch how other parts of the world (especially the places we have travelled to) are dealing with this pandemic. I am so grateful for the beautiful memories we’ve made from all our travels over the years.

Will we ever travel again? Future travel is currently the last thing I think about right now. My only dream is for my loved ones to be healthy and for this pandemic to end soon.

At the end of the day, our health is our most valuable asset. And while we love travelling, we are so grateful to be home here in Canada, safe and trying to do our part in keeping others around us safe as well.

  Fisherman’s Bastian in Budapest, overlooking the Parliament Building on Easter Sunday morning in 2019. 

Keep smiling and stay safe wherever you are. ❤️

We are heading home enriched by our experience.

After 142 days in Europe, it is now time for us to return home to Canada. As we fly out of these snow-capped mountain peaks in Switzerland, we are thinking about how our return will be bittersweet. On the one hand, we are so happy to know that in a few hours, we’ll be back home with our family and friends. On the other hand, we will miss the anticipation of waking up each morning and venturing out into a new experience. Each destination has given us an education on how other cultures view the world and how they go about their daily lives. We’ve been so fortunate these past few months to have learned so much from them.

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