Cinque Terre, Italy – May 2015

In 1990 we had travelled to Europe to meet up with our friends who were living in Germany at the time. With their Westfalia van we had toured parts of Europe including a bit of northern Italy, camping overnights in Venice & Florence. Since that trip, going back to Italy had been quite high on our bucket list. We finally headed back there in the spring of 2015. We flew to Genoa and took the local train to Cinque Terre.Image result for map of italy with cinque terre region

There are five seaside villages which make up Cinque Terre; Riommagiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare. We stayed in Riommagiore. I know the five villages can get busy with many tourists during the daytime but in the evening everyone practically leaves, except the locals and the few tourists who managed to get accommodations. It’s like many of those small UNESCO designated sites, they get populated with tourists in the daytime but are so peaceful in the evenings. The evenings gives you a chance to experience a bit of what it’s like for the locals to live there. I highly recommend to book early if you want that experience.

Image result for map of portovenere italy in cinque terre

Before going any further I will rewind back several months prior to leaving Canada when we were looking to book accommodations in Cinque Terre. Since it is a designated  UNESCO world heritage site it has thousands of tourists swarming its small villages each year.  Booking accommodations directly in one of the villages can be tricky as there are very few that are available. We had connected with one host but he was totally booked up for the dates we were looking for. Fortunately for us, he directed us to a local couple in the village of Riommagiore who he said rented out an apartment but they were not listed on any booking web site.  The connection to that couple ended with us forming a friendship that we still value to this date.  They welcomed us like family. Their hospitality and kindness made our stay in Riommagiore a place that we will cherish in our hearts forever❤️.

On our first morning in Riomaggiore we started out quite early by going down to the village on the hunt for our first morning café latte ☕️ and croissant🥐.

Found them!

By the way, the reason I bolded the word “down” in the paragraph above is because as you will see in the photos below most houses & apartments in Riomaggiore are perched up on a cliff so you are walking either up to get to them or coming down to the centre of the village. But hey, it’s all part of the fun😊.


Bernard wait for me! Climbing up to our appartement was a special treat!😊

Early that morning we saw mostly locals getting ready for the day. The surroundings seemed to bring us back to a simpler time.

Riomaggiore, Main street.


Loved these coloured houses, it’s a nice day to do laundry.
Bernard’s Monday morning laundry 😊

Before leaving Canada to visit Cinque Terre we had read up on the hiking trails since we were quite interested in hiking some of them while visiting the area. We decided on “The Blue Trail” as it appeared to be the most well-known trail and by its description also seemed to be the most appropriate one for our fitness level.  It connects all the five villages. Based on the time we had in Cinque Terre we decided to do two days of hiking, 1st day we did from Monterosso to Vernazza and then the following day Vernazza to Manarola.

The five villages are very close to one another and therefore from the first to the fifth village it’s only about a 15 minutes train ride. These five villages are also connected by trails and by boat. Don’t miss out, see all of them as they are all unique. That morning to start us off on our hike we took the train to Monterosso al Mare and started by foot from there .

It started off pretty easy and relaxed, not anticipating what we were going to face ahead.

Okay… so this will be interesting! Did I say that the “Blue hiking trail” was the easiest one? 🤣

And up!
And up!

All those pictures above is to impress for you to bring some comfortable hiking shoes if you are planning to do the trails be prepared to do a lot of climbing. Remember that beautiful beach we started from? See where we left it below.

Boy, did we ever climb! See the beach we started from.
This was a nice treat along the trail route, fresh fruit, yum,yum 🍊 🍏

So we finally notice the village of Vernazza at a distance. That’s good news as we are getting hungry.

This view is spectacular! So amazing to spot these seaside villages from a distance. Well worth the hike. If you go to Cinque Terre and you enjoy hiking this is the place for you.

They say Vernazza is probably the most beautiful village. I don’t know if we can agree with that comment, as for us they were all beautiful.

Well it’s picnic time!

We grabbed some bread, cold cuts and cheese and made ourselves some sandwiches.         La p’tite nappe came in handy that day! 

That evening we were up for a hardy meal.

Singing “Chef Bernardo” came to the rescue!

The next day we did the Vernazza to Corniglia trail and then on to Manarola.

The last full day in Cinque Terre our hosts suggested that we visit Portovenere. We took a ferry over there and back and spent a relaxing day in this seaside town.

Our last evening in Riommagiore our hosts booked us for dinner at this nice little cozy restaurant, dau cila .It was just an amazing way to end our stay. They were able to get us a table on the patio overlooking the water.  The evenings in this little village at sunset is the most beautiful sight.

We also enjoyed some nice live Italian music in the background . Heaven!❤️🍷

At the end of the evening our hosts sent over to the restaurant a bottle of  dessert wine Schiacettra    that our server served with our dessert. Their is not a lot of this locally made dessert wine, so we were honoured to get to taste it. Amazing!

On May 23, 2015, at 22:40, Aline wrote:
Oh my my what an amazing evening . You guys , thanks so much.  The restaurant A+ .   We had the appetizers as you suggested, amazing , then I had the tuna , to die for , Bernard , the ravioli with asparagus and a mussel like selfish in it  ( couldn’t resist tasting it , ha…) we shared , me too ,  Then to finish the chocolate cake which we shared , again to die for. On top of that we had amazing amazing wine. Then they brought us dessert wine , just the icing on the cake to end a wonderful evening. )



Next stop – Florence & Tuscany.

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