Village of Atrani on the Amalfi Coast, Italy – May 2015

From Florence we took the train to Salerno.Image result for map salerno italy

Then from Salerno we took a ferry to the town of Amalfi. The ferries follow the coastline so the scenery is pretty nice. These ferries travel all along the Amalfi Coast and are convenient as they run often and are usually right on time (in comparison to local buses as sometimes they are full by the time they get to your stop). If your travels permit we recommend travelling the coast by ferry.


Arrival by ferry to Amalfi town

We preferred staying in Atrani, a small village right next to Amalfi town (within walking distance).  It was much quieter, less traffic, fewer tourists and very PICTURESQUE!

We stayed at Eva’s rooms. Now to get there from the wharf in Amalfi is a bit tricky.  We wanted to take a cab as we thought Atrani was farther away. The cab driver looked at us with an “annoyed” face and waved his hand to the direction of Atrani. We started figuring out that we actually had to walk there. As you get up the hill from the wharf there is a pedestrian tunnel that links Amalfi town to Atrani. Once you get to the end of the pedestrian tunnel you can cross the road and walk thru an outdoor patio restaurant. You are now in Atrani.

After all that confusion once you get to Atrani on foot look at the view that awaits you!

View from our bedroom balcony, Eva’s rooms

Eva’s rooms is family owned. It is similar to a bed & breakfast set-up. Basically a small room but has a balcony. So if you are fortunate enough to be there when it’s sunny and enjoy the patio the view is spectacular. Be prepared, no elevators so you need to climb stairs to get to your room. We dealt with Pio when making our arrangements. He was very helpful and gave us many suggestions during our stay there. After a day of being tourists it was nice to get back to our little haven balcony for a little 🍷

The mornings were especially great when Pio came and delivered our breakfast right at our door. 🥐☕️
Our little nappe champêtre looked beautiful against this scenic background. 😊 ☀️
La p’tite nappe champêtre.😊

The days in Atrani/Amalfi were lazy days. We got to  enjoy just walking around the beach, enjoyed the sunshine, reading and of course Italy’s spritz & wine!

Here in the photo below is the traffic in Amalfi town we mentioned earlier in this post. Lot’s of little mopeds!


Day 3 on the Amalfi coast we hiked up to the “PATH OF GODS” to the stunning village of Ravello (see other post on Ravello).

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