Ravello – Amalfi Coast, Italy – May 2015

During our stay in Atrani, we took a hike up a mountain which took us to the Path of Gods. This path led us directly to what we now refer to as “our little heaven spot on earth”. It’s a small village perched up on a mountain, called Ravello.  (When you click on the Ravello link, click on the category, “attractions” and then click on “virtual tour”, photos & music”.  These photos will speak for themselves about this beautiful place.

The Path of Gods is basically a trail that runs along the mountain ridge which overlooks the sea below. Parts of the trail connects the Amalfi’s coastal towns by going up or down steep staircases. We started our hike up from Atrani and eventually, it connected us to the Path of Gods. We followed this path and it eventually brought us directly to Ravello. Just be careful as a small portion of this path is on the road and therefore cars and motorcycles are coming through at a pretty fast pace. If you take your time there should be no issues. You can also get to Ravello by car, bus or taxi.

Hiking up the Path of Gods.
Image result for map of ravello on the amalfi coast italy
Ravello’s location identified on this map.

Ravello is lovely, but what is spectacular about Ravello is the visit to the Villa Cimbrone Gardens & Villa Rufolo Gardens. Spending the day here is something we will never forget. The views no doubt have been photographed time and time again. They tell us that the Infinity Terrace itself has been photographed in wedding pictures hundreds of times over. To see these spectacular views with our own eyes was absolutely magical. For the romantics, don’t miss out on visiting this place.❤️

Excerpt taken from the Ravello website- “The town has become known as “la città della musica“, the city of music, and for the past several decades the Villa Rufolo has been the center of an annual summer concert series that features piano concerts, chamber music, and a grand orchestral performance on a stage built jutting out over the Mediterranean Sea and the rugged Amalfi Coast below.” See photo below- I can just imagine myself sitting there on a warm summer evening listening to a music concert. Unfortunately, when we were planning this trip we did not know about these concerts happening in Ravello. Something to plan for next time. 😊

Church of SS. Annunziata, XIIIe
Platform being put together for the upcoming music concerts.
Infinity Terrace



Aurevoir Ravello! We shall definitely be back someday real soon. ☀️

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