Isle of Capri, Italy – June 2015

To get to Capri from Positano we took one of the coastal ferries to Sorrento and then we took the SNAV ferry to the Island of Capri. This small hydrofoil ferry provided us with a very comfortable and smooth crossing.


We docked at Marina Grande (see below). From the wharf we hopped on the funicular  that took us directly to the Piazzetta (Main Square) in just minutes, From this main square it was a fairly short walk to our hotel .

Image result for map of capri and anacapri

We stayed at La Tosca in Capri town. This is a gem of a little hotel. It is so popular that unfortunately you need to book almost a year ahead. It certainly shows by the great service provided that it is a small family- run hotel. The owner, Ettore greeted us himself. What was remarkable to see was the amount of time that he would spend with each guest on arrival. We sat with him at this desk and he gave us an orientation of Capri and Anacapri with lots of recommendations on what to see and do. Our room was on the ground floor with a small outdoor patio which we used to relax in the evenings🍷.



Ettore’s first tip was for us to go visit the town of Anacapri first and then come back to Capri town later in the day which by then, most of the tourists would have left the island and retuned to the mainland. He was right! We certainly would not have enjoyed our stay in Capri as much if we had stayed in Capri town the whole time we were there. The town of Capri itself is beautiful but is cramped tight with tourist for the better part of the day . We have learned over the years that we need to stay at least one or two overnights in these smaller towns as late afternoon and evenings is when you truly get to appreciate and enjoy it’s charm and beauty.

We thoroughly enjoyed Anacapri. Here below is an exert from an article we read on Anacapri later after our visit there.  This is exactly what we experienced in Anacapri as well.

Ancapri is a concentration of Mediterranean colors, scents, and sounds. Town life here has remained authentic despite the island’s tourism: tucked between the houses there are tiny, humble vegetable gardens surrounded by lush tropical plants. A walk around the center of Anacapri will take you past tiny Neapolitan tailor shops, artisan shoemakers, ladies sitting in the shade outside working…all with the scent of the town’s lemon groves that permeates the air.”

Capri and Anacapri are only 3 kilometers apart and are connected by a public bus route. The bus runs every 15 minutes and takes about 10 minutes between towns. Tickets are  about €1.80.

While in Anacapri we took the cable car up to the summit of Mount Solaro – for about 11 euros return it was a real bargain for the views . We had a gorgeous day for it as well as it was clear day and our views were spectacular.

Cable car to Mount Solaro, Anacapri.

Once up there we took time to have a little beverage and we just enjoyed the views ☕️ 🍺. 

Mount Solaro 

When we came back to Capri town towards the end of the afternoon we were hungry so we got some sandwiches made at Salumeria da Aldo located at Cristoforo Clombo 26. We brought them back to our little hotel patio. These were some fresh and delicious. Not to miss this place when visiting Capri! Everthing is freshly made right on site and you get to enjoy watching it being made.

On our second day in Capri we hiked along the coastal path, known as the Pizzolung.
This path took us close to the Faraglioni rocks. A bit steep at some places but doable.
In the evening it was quiet and relaxing so we walked along the town’s promenades.


We ran into a few tourists who told us that if we only had a couple of days in Capri it was probably not worth spending it to go visit the “Blue Grotto”. They had found it to be not that amazing and more of a “tourist trap” type of attraction. So after some reflection we decided against going there as we didn’t want to waste precious time to see and enjoy other things.
So instead on our last day in Capri we decided to return to Anacapri and have a nice lunch on the beautiful outdoor terrace of the Chateau Relais Hotel Caesar Augustus. We knew eating here for dinner would probably be expensive so we opted for lunch.  Wow! Wow! This place was out of this world! The view from the terrace where we ate lunch was just jaw dropping! This relaxing luncheon ended up being a fabulous way to spend the afternoon.
We ended the afternoon just walking around the hotel & premises and enjoyed the views and beauty of this place. It was easy to see why this hotel had earned it’s “Château & Relais” designation.

During our stay in Capri we kept singing a tune of an old song we used to hear called  Capri . (Click on Capri to hear the song) “Capri c’est fini” was the first single of the French singer Hervé Vilard. This French song became a huge French and international hit in the summer of 1965 and played on for a number of years after it became a hit .fullsizeoutput_26

Bisoux from Capri ❤️Aurevoir


Now Rome awaits !

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