Rome, Italy – June 2015

Our last stop on this trip before heading back to Canada was one overnight in Rome. We took a ferry from Capri to Naples. (Sorry Naples, won’t be visiting your city anytime soon).  Your city is a bit too chaotic for us 😕.  From Naples we took a train to Rome.

Since we were just in Rome for one day and one overnight we took a “hop on, hop off ” bus tour of the city . Crazy hot that day, it was 35 degrees C outside. Due to our limited time in this city we were only able to hit some of the major sites. We’ll need to come back here someday. Liked what we saw.

Last night in Rome,  getting out of control! Time to go home Bernardo! 😊

This was certainly one memorable trip to Italy that we’ll talk about  for a long time 🇮🇹

arrivederci !


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