Cesky Krumlov in Czech Republic – September, 2012

On route to Prague, we decided to stop and stay a couple of nights in Cesky Krumlov. When preparing for this trip we had read up on this small UNESCO world heritage town and we had been intrigued by what we read. Spending a few days here did not disappoint us.
From Vienna, a private driver got us there in 3 hours. The driver kept us entertained with Czech music and political conversations. 😊
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                                          From Vienna to Cesky Krumlov it is a 3-hour drive.                                                        Approximately the same time between Cesky Krumlov and Prague.
We stayed at Hotel Konvice. This is a small family-run hotel with very few rooms but ours was HUGE.
We were happy to have stayed a couple of nights as many of the tourists left at the end of the day and this is when we got to truly appreciate this town’s historic charm.

On the first evening there we did a night tour– the description below was definitely what we experienced as well. Our guide, who was a local, was very informative and brought us around the town with lanterns in hand to illuminate us.
“Come and see the captivating beauty of Český Krumlov’s historic center in a nighttime atmosphere. During a Night Tour, you’ll feel as if someone waved a magic wand and put you back in the 16th century. Away from the daily noise, passing cars, and crowds of tourists, you’ll enjoy a unique impression of a historic town and castle courtyard. Shops closed down, streets in semi-darkness, music echoing from local pubs; all emphasize the charm of Krumlov. Experience the monumentality and beauty of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture as you stroll through dimly lit streets. A night tour of the historic Old Town with our professional guide is sure to leave you with a magical impression.”
Incredible views taken from the castle of this little town.
Walking through this cobblestone town felt like we had stepped back in time.
We heard about a restaurant that is literally underground! The underground rooms we were told were recently discovered and date back to the thirteenth century. As in the Middle Ages, the food is prepared on the charcoal right in front of the guests. The name of this restaurant is Katacomby.
Down these stairs, we went to find this restaurant. Spooky!

It was a unique experience for sure down there!😊

I had a hard time with money in the Czech Republic. The Koruna is the currency. So 1000 korunas is worth only about $60 Canadian dollars.

2000 Koruna worth approx. $116.00 Canadian dollars.

Something pretty amazing happened the morning we left Cesky Krumlov. The night before we had informed the hotel staff that we would be leaving very early the next day, at 6am. They arrived at our door with two breakfast packs to go. We were quite surprised and so appreciative, how thoughtful! It was a nice treat to have for our bus ride to Prague.


Next stop Praha!🚌

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