Barcelona, Spain – April, 2014

In Barcelona we stayed at an apartment that had a small patio . It wasn’t an incredible apartment but it was a great price, clean and in a good location. I think it was mostly the patio that could have used a bit of tender loving care. It might have had a “facelift” since then.

We stayed 4 days in Barcelona. The first day was spent watching some great tennis. The Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell was happening at the same time we were there so we took advantage of it.

That evening after the tennis we were excited about our first treat, succulent olives!😊 The exceptional fresh taste and quality of the olives in Spain is quite noticeable, at least  in comparison to what we are use to eating in Canada.

I ate them all!

Even though we arrived in Barcelona at the end of April we had phenomenal warm weather! So the second day we decided to rental bikes and spent the morning biking along the Barcelona beach promenade.

The next couple of days in Barcelona was basically used to explore the city, eating some delicious tapas and doing a bit of retail therapy.fullsizeoutput_1793

La Sagrada Familia basilica, designed by the Spanish architect, Antoni Gaudi.
Some down time!
La Rambla.
La Boqueria Market on the Rambla.
Stumbling upon more Gaudi architecture . 
Beautiful little alleys in the Gothic quarter.
Bernard you just couldn’t miss this window!
Retail Therapy!

My husband and I left with different opinions about Barcelona. I didn’t particularly fall in love with this city but he seemed to have been more captivated by it. For example I  didn’t quite understand the hype over the Rambla, which I had read about before the trip. However, I did enjoy the non-touristy parts of this city.

I have found over the years that you should always take peoples opinions about cities and countries they’ve visited with “a grain of salt.” You have to go in with an open mind and find out for yourself if you like a place or not. Soo… having said that, take my opinion about Barcelona with “a grain of salt”😊 as so many other people love this city. I am open to giving this city a second chance.

My (and Bernard’s) love of Spain came in the south. So having said that, off we go to Sevilla! 🇪🇸



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