Seville, Spain – May, 2014

It took us a good part of the day travelling by train from Barcelona to Seville as we had to do a changeover in Madrid. In Seville we stayed in an apartment, Corral Rey Terrace 1 which we had booked through an agency called Veoapartment. They specialize in short-term city rentals, mostly in southern Spain. This was an amazing apartment. The part we used the most in this apartment was it’s incredible rooftop patio which overlooked the Giralda and the Cathedral.

Chilling out on the rooftop patio!

The inside of this apartment was also very comfortable, modern and well kept.

On the first evening in Seville we went out on a Tapas tour, It was lots of fun and we had a great tour guide. We were accompanied by another couple from Texas, USA. We ate a variety of tasty tapas & olives, accompanied by amazing wines! What a night!

The second night was the Flamenco dancing! This venue was tiny which made it so exciting as you could feel the vibration of the dancers every step & sweat! 😊

Bernard, what about I get one of these dresses for our next outing in Canada?
Seville has some striking structures which some of them have become architectural landmarks over the years.



So long Sevilla, hope we will be back some day to re-visit your beautiful city.Image result for flamenco
Next stop Ronda!

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