Ronda, Spain – May, 2014

Funny how you find these interesting little places as you do your research for a trip. Ronda was one of those last minute finds. Now we can’t imagine that we would have missed this little mountaintop city. It sits above a deep gorge.Related image

From Seville we took a bus to Ronda. No trains reach this city. The ride in the mountains was both breathtaking and hands over the eyes, scary!!


The hotel we stayed in was called Hotel Montelirio. This hotel was set on the edge of Ronda’s  gorge and it had fantastic views from our little balcony. 

Aline, drink your wine and just don’t look down!

 The Puente Nuevo which is considered the new bridge was actually completed in 1793 and took forty-two years to build. The bridge joins the old Moorish town and the newer,  parts of the city. The gorge and the bridge have become Ronda’s most famous landmarks.

The Puente Nuevo
The El Tajo Gorge

At sunset we took a long walk along a beautiful pathway that seemed to just surround the city . The views were breathtaking!



The Parador de Ronda sits adjacent to the bridge and we decided to go pay it a visit after we finished our walk. This Parador has a beautiful outdoor seating area which people use to enjoy their drinks while enjoying the views. Let’s give it a try! 🍷(On a side note , we have included a link that describes what Paradores hotels actually are in Spain-interesting concept). We did not stay in one during our trip but we did have drinks in a couple of them).


A wonderful way to enjoy our last evening in Ronda. We will be telling people about this beautiful little place. It could be easily missed if you have not heard about it.

Next destination- Granada

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