Córdoba, Spain – May, 2014

Cordoba was just an awesome place! We couldn’t have picked a better time to visit this city as it was during their Festival of Patios. Take the time to click on the link to better understand how this festival came to be.

This would be one of the most amazing European festivals we’ve seen!

P1010818We’ll come back to this festival further down in this post.

We arrived at Cordoba from Granada by train. We got a taxi to our hotel which to our surprise was hidden away in a tiny cobblestone alleyway. The taxi driver wasn’t even able to drive us to its entrance. But then, what a special place awaited us when we walked in! This was a small boutique hotel with only 10 rooms. Its name, Balcon de Cordoba. 


We entered its beautiful courtyard and it was like walking in a beautiful oasis, We were greeted with a welcome drink as we checked-in. Check out the reception in the photo above! Simple and relaxed atmosphere! 😊The staff here were super friendly and couldn’t have been more helpful. If you are looking to just chill out and relax while visiting Cordoba, this is the place to be!



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The city of Cordoba is especially known for its hats. I wish we could have packed a few to bring back home! 🎩


Now let’s get back to this Patio Festival. We had a ball all day going from home to home to visit all the local’s private courtyards and admire their flowers & décor. Music was playing in the courtyards and the owners were very proud to show us around. It was an honor to be allowed this opportunity. We were told that one of these homes would be voted as having the best patio decor for that year. I wouldn’t want to have been the judge, they were all so amazing.

Here are a few samples below.


We had a ball exploring this city. We were even able to take a couple of hours to discover one of the local Hammon Baths . 


We also took the time to visit the Mezquita. This so-called holy cathedral (former mosque of Cordoba) is not only the largest mosque in the entire world but the largest temple in the world, as well. In history, Cordoba was recaptured and the mosque became used as a church.
Within the Mezquita, in the very center, is a Cathedral.

On our last evening in Cordoba, we had dinner on the top terrace of our hotel, overlooking the Mezquita. We had beautiful Spanish music playing in the courtyard below. It was a magical night. 🌼

I wish we could have stayed longer.

Ojalá pudiéramos quedarnos más tiempo

Must now head to Madrid for a couple of nights before flying back home to Canada.


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