Granada, Spain – May, 2014

We absolutely loved the Andalusia region of Spain.Image result for map of Ronda, spain

We visited Seville, Ronda, Granada and Cordoba. We would definitely re-do this trip.    Unfortunately on this trip we were only able to get to the doors of the Alhambra in Granada. SO close to getting in….😢.  We did not have tickets. Had not planned that one very well.

We did however, get to see and and spend time at the Parador de Granada  which is located on the grounds of the Alhambra. There were beautiful gardens and fountains and the atmosphere was so peaceful.

On the wall we saw a photo of Michelle Obama who had stayed here. Interesting!


From our little apartment terrace, we did get to admire the Alhambra from a distance. Beautiful when all illuminated at night!

Alhambra at night from our apartment terrace.

While in Granada we did a half day olive oil & wine tasting tour. Here is a description , “We’ll pick you up and drop you off at a meeting point in the  center  of Granada. After visiting a beautifully preserved 15th century olive oil mill in a charming white village, enjoy tasting and learning all about the different characteristics, culinary usesand many health benefits of various olive oils. In our specialized store you will find the best selection of olive oils, cosmetics made from organic extra virgin olive oil and related products from Andalusia.”

Olive Oil and wine tasting tour

Here is a couple of simple little tapas suggestions the tour provided –

During the tour the orange olive oil is introduced on top of bread + brown sugar (sprinkle on top). This is a traditional afternoon snack for children.
You can also use it with chocolate, as a topping on chocolate ice cream, or on crepes or pancakes with melted dark chocolate…
It also goes well for baking a cake and with salty dishes like smoked salmon and fresh onions or to make a tropical salad dressing…


Beautiful Granada!


Granada, love how you think!

hasta la proxima vez!

Next destination, Cordoba!

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