Chillin’ in Lisbon – we’re arrived!

So excited, hard to believe we’re finally here! We started out by spending an amazing day yesterday with our Italian friends in Toronto. So grateful for this wonderful friendship!

Our flight went smoothly. Before leaving Toronto we were a bit worried as we flew from Toronto to Lisbon with TAP Air Portugal and we had heard a few bad reviews about this airline. We were on time and there were no hiccups whatsoever. We had a meal when we boarded the plane and again they offered a small bite in the morning with great coffee. TAP often offers discount fares but of course, you need to pay extra for your seats and checked baggage if you have any. This was our first experience with them but we would probably fly with them again. Nothing fancy but comfortable and got us to our destination on time.

On arrival to Lisbon, we took the metro to the city. Since it was Sunday we figured it would not be as busy. We had no problem with our luggage. However, beware lots of stairs so we you can’t lift your luggage best not to take the metro. Lisbon metro guide.

It’s a lovely 14 degrees celsius here today in Lisbon and that feels just perfect!

We are satisfied with our Airbnb. It’s a small apartment with a “bohemian- like decor”. It’s very clean and our superhost had an arrival treat waiting for us, which included wines, bread, local cheese and a fruit basket😊🍷.  SO so nice after a long trip! He also gave us lot’s of info and plenty of recommendations on places for us to see and do during our stay in the city. We will give a more thorough review of this airbnb at the end of the week but so far so good!

We can’t wait to get going tomorrow morning and explore this city!

boa noite!



9 thoughts on “Chillin’ in Lisbon – we’re arrived!

  1. Happy to see you arrived…and that Bernard is comfortable!! We so enjoyed spending some time with you on Saturday…now so excited to follow along on this amazing adventure with you both!!

  2. Allô les amis!
    Nous sommes heureux d’apprendre que vous êtes arrivés à destination!
    Ça sera un plaisir pour nous de vous suivre!
    Rita et James xx

  3. Content que vous êtes arrivés saint et sauf. Votre aventure va nous permettre de voyager aussi 😀. Amusez-vous bien!

    Les beaux-parents 🤪

  4. Bonjour aux Robichaud’s. Vous paraissez confortable à Lisbon. C’est une belle ville. Je pense que vous allez adorer Porto. P.S. Aline assure toi que Bernard ne boit pas trop de Porto!!! Nous sommes en Floride ou il fait beau et chaud. Michel joue beaucoup au pickleball, et Lorraine marche beaucoup. Bye!

    1. Allo les amis. Oui on a du plaisir. On part pour Porto demain. Je viens d’ajouter notre “post” sur notre blog de nos journee a Lisbon vous pourrez aller voir nos photos. Amusez vous bien! Michel a poigner la fievre du pickleball pour le vrai. Plaisant!

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