Porto or Oporto ?

So many “O” ‘s.


Whether it’s Porto or Oporto, this city is beautiful. We’ve arrived in Porto and we are settling in for the month.

The last couple of days we’ve basically been walking around and taking in this city’s beauty. The charm this city offers cannot be described in words – you need to see and feel it for yourself  You get mesmerized by its charm. We’ve noticed a lot of interesting tile work on buildings, houses & churches! The São Bento railway station which is located right in the historic center of the city is full of beautiful tile work. These tiles tell a story. This place is like entering an art gallery. Probably many people miss it because they are in such a hurry to get to their next destination quickly, with suitcases in hand.

The São Bento railway station


The train station at night.


fullsizeoutput_1c72.jpegWe heard this week that our home province was hit with a major snowstorm. 😩 Here below we’ve photographed this park which was taken on that very same day!fullsizeoutput_1c1b.jpegThe plastic sheets that get attached to the laundry are for what purpose exactly??? We have been seeing this being done quite a bit. Stay tuned we’ll let you know if we find out.fullsizeoutput_1c1c.jpegBelow is a beautiful scenic view of the historical center of Porto and its Ribeira waterfront area (which is along the Douro River). This photo was taken during our walk across the Dom Luis bridge.fullsizeoutput_1c67A nice wine bar on the Ribeira. Why not do a sampling of wine! Bacchus Vini wine bar.

His & Hers ❤️

fullsizeoutput_1c83.jpegA Sunday stroll on the Rua des Flores.fullsizeoutput_1c2c.jpegHaving fun in Almeda Square (below).

Must be the daily “Tim Horton” political discussion! (see below).

img_1041It’s time to taste some of the delicious Portuguese wine! Vinho, please! This quaint little wine & tapas place was recommended to us by friends,  “All in Porto” on R. Arquitecto Nicolau Nasoni 17. Here we enjoyed an amazing bottle of red Dom Bella 2014. With this wine, we discovered a new “cépage” called Touriga Nacional. Nice way to end this amazing day.fullsizeoutput_1c3d.jpegIMG_1170.JPG

Can’t get any better than this! 🍷❤️ Thank you Porto!”




6 thoughts on “Porto or Oporto ?

  1. Contente que vous appréciz cette belle ville. Dans une des premières photos, celle dont Aline semble réfléchir, vous êtes dans notre voisinage. Notre apparte est à une minute de marche de là. Hâte d’entendre de vos nouvelles après votre tour de la Vallée Douro. Continuez à explorer et amusez-vous bien. Ici, on marche sur quelques pouces de glace. Nos voisins comme nous, sommes bien contents que nous n’appartenons plus de maison….beaucoup d’inondation et d’autre pluie qui arrive demain soir.

    1. On apprécie bien la ville. On comprends pourquoi que vous aimez ça aussi. On relaxe et on découvre. Je va faire un post prochainement de notre journée hier à la Vallée Douro.

  2. Ahhh! Porto! Que de bon souvenirs! Vous prenez tellement de belles photos! Merci de partager! Enjoy!

  3. Oh man, this city looks amazing…and hey, you and Bernard are looking pretty good too!! What a great place to call home for a month!! We are not as bad as the East Coast but still plenty of snow and cold. Enjoy not being in this Canadian winter right now!

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