Guimarães, le berceau du Portugal.

This was a day trip from Porto. We fell in love ❤️ with Guimarães, so much so that we are planning to return there before we leave Portugal and maybe even spending the night. It’s a small city north of Porto with the centre only having a population of about 55,000 people.


The exceptionally well preserved historic centre is often referred to as the cradle of the Portuguese nationality. Guimarães became the first capital of Portugal in the 12th century. Its historic centre is extremely well preserved.

To get to Guimarães from Porto it is just about an hour & a half train ride. The train stops right in the city but it is probably a 15-minute walk down to its historic centre.

This city has historical treasures, beautiful stone alleyways, beautiful plazas, quaint cafés and restaurants. Guimarães is also a university town. This place must be absolutely beautiful and romantic at night. Valentin’s day is coming ❤️ hum, now that’s a thought!

The architecture here is different from what we have seen in Lisbon and Porto. Lot’s of beautiful stonework. The city is very clean and its historic centre is well preserved. Great place to stroll around and get lost in its beautiful alleyways.

Our only worry is that in peak season this city could be mobbed with tourists. We would probably recommend staying overnight if you were coming here during that time as many people likely only come to visit during the day and in the evening leave to go back to Porto or wherever they came from.

Here’s just a few photos that hopefully demonstrates a bit of the city’s beautiful architecture and stonework.


Oh yes in Guimarães, they use the plastic as well to protect the laundry from the rain. 😊


A stop on RED!


We happen to fall upon a little market in the Plaza…with such pretty things.

So there are Harley’s, antique cars and then there are SCOOTERS. This is a scooter club that rolled into town & showing off their childhood possessions. Pretty cool!🏍


In the alleyway, you find all these neat types of little boutique stores. 

The Guimaraes pastries.

The city has a historic Palace, Paço dos Duques that is well worth spending the 5 euros to get into.


We just happen to fall upon Guimares historic centre. We could have missed it as it’s not visible coming from the train station. Just so you get to its historic centre here is a street name that can give you a “point de repère”.

3 thoughts on “Guimarães, le berceau du Portugal.

  1. Thanks once again for sharing. Less than a week we will be there. Your adventures have made our upcoming trip very exciting.


  2. Belles photos de Guimarães. Nous y sommes allés quelques années passées et avons beaucoup aimé, malgré une chaleur étouffante. Nous avions couché une soirée et bien sûr, tu as raison, en soirée, le calme. J’espère que vous allez faire un tour à Braga, une autre charmante ville que nous aimons beaucoup. Nous y allons à chaque visite à Porto. Vous semblez savourez le temps….plaisant prendre le temps de découvrir.

  3. Allô! Oui on va certainement à Braga cette semaine ou l’autre. J’adore ce genre de petite ville charmante. Demain on va à Aveiro. Le plaisir continue au Portugal!

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