Porto is colourful…

…even in the rain.fullsizeoutput_1f50

Don’t forget to bring your colourful umbrella when you come to Porto. The rain won’t be stopping you from getting around this city. You’ll just fit in!

What to do on a rainy day in Porto? You can always visit some of the art galleries. (Remember, on Mondays most things are closed).

We were told by friends to explore rua Miguel Bombarda, so we decided to go search it out.

The first place you need to go to on this street is Centro Comercial Bombarda. It’s not just a regular ” mall”. This small ” shopping centre” will surprise you with its originality.  Click on the link to learn more.IMG_2499.JPG While on rua Miguel Bombarda you won’t only get to view the artwork from inside the studios but you also get to see the interesting artwork on the streets.IMG_2508.JPG


Our little Oasis-

So this is our little secret. Okay, so we’ll share.😊 This place (see photos below) is called Rota Do Chá. It’s located on this same street, rua Miguel Bombarda. This is definitely the spot for all our tea lover friends back home and everything else you might like to drink. Once you go through those doors, it’s like you’ve entered into another world. You immediately feel completely relaxed and tap into your inner “zen feeling”. As you walk inside there’s a tea store with a huge collection of teas. Then you can either go to the beautiful garden patio in the back, which on a warm day it’s just so calm back there. Or else you have rooms inside on the second floor. We’ve been there twice now both in the garden and upstairs. Both spaces are perfect for you to just zone out. They have nice lunch specials which always include a soup and a healthy main dish. You won’t want to leave this place!


7 thoughts on “Porto is colourful…

  1. Oh! Hâte de visiter Rota Do Chá. On a marché devant plusieurs fois mais jamais entrer. Ça vient de s’ajouter à notre cheat sheet. On est curieux….vous habitez sur quelle rue? Continuez les découvertes mes amis!

  2. OMG, you guys…just loving your posts. Each one is just amazing and you capture your days with amazing pictures that make us feel like we are there. Oh how I wish we actually were! You are creating a wonderful resource with all your details and links for when we finally do get there…and now more than ever I know we have to!!

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