Maybe the best way to describe what we experienced in Braga is for me to share the purchases I made that day.


I purchased a stylish pair of socks at a nice boutique store and then a few minutes later I purchased a beautiful religious medallion in one of the oldest church in Portugal. The city is filled with beautiful upscale clothing stores that are surrounded by imposing religious monuments and churches. It’s like the two are married together. The city’s religious heritage and its cultural past has been well preserved.  It appears for us anyway as though it has merged seamlessly with a classy modern lifestyle.

Here below is another example of what we’re talking about . If you look closely in this photo the part of this church with the burgundy markings on the columns is now a hotel.


Braga is the 3rd largest city in Portugal. It is north of Porto and only approx. an hour by train. It’s a lively city and it has many young people who study at its university.

Throughout the day we often heard the chiming sounds of various church bells as we sat out at lively cafés and bars. Even though we didn’t eat there we saw many nice restaurants.

We had a nice picnic in one of the beautiful parks of the city.  Our p’tite nappe champêtre accompanied us on this trip.😊


There are no drive through at this place (see below) but it’s all about location, location, location! Nothing like enjoying a Big Mac after church service.


As we explored the city we came upon this little chapel where Catholics stopped to pray (even just for a few minutes) as they are passing through.


The practice of lighting candles that are lit for prayer intentions is still very present here and they burn outside all day long.  Everyone we saw passing through this little alleyway that day was quickly stopping to illuminate one.


If eyes could talk.


fullsizeoutput_20abThis city is beautiful , clean and vibrant AND full of history and catholic relics.

On this day city men were hard at work getting the spring flowers in.😊 Coming from Canada this was a site for sore eyes this early in February!


Have to love this stylish Zara store. One of many upscale boutiques in this city.IMG_3021.JPG

If you look closely in the photo below you can see at a distance (see where I’ve placed the little black arrow) what appears to be a church on the hill . This is the closest we got to Bom Jesus do Monte which is actually a sanctuary. Its name means “God Jesus of the Mount” and it is a well attended pilgrimage site. It has a long stairway to climb to it which includes 577 steps ! It is often a destination for people going to Braga.


Here’s are a few more photos as we enjoyed a beautiful  day in Braga.





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