Daily life in a cool neighbourhood.

Time Out editors and experts, reveal “the 50 coolest neighbourhoods you have to visit right now”. Cedofeita, Porto was voted one of these 50  neighbourhoods, ranking 31st on this list.

No news to us!

IMG_3263As we say farewell to Porto and this neighbourhood we are taking a few minutes to reflect back on the past month and what became our home.  Staying in this neighbourhood gave us an opportunity to be better connected to the Portuguese community and culture.

We had a pretty unique apartment that was located on a rooftop. It was rented through airbnb. We had a great view, a beautiful sunrise in the morning and a unique visitor at or window each morning that we nicknamed, “gully” 😊. Review we made on airbnb website, “The view is amazing in the morning especially with the sun rise. Big space. The location is great as you get to live amongst the locals yet you are only walking distance from everything touristic. Easy self check-in. If staying during winter months as we did consider that there is no heating in the kitchen so some days it can get pretty cold in that space otherwise the other rooms are warm as there are heaters. Overall we were very comfortable and enjoyed going back to this apartment after being out & about. We stayed here for a month and would book here again if we returned to Porto”.

A daily routine got quickly established and it included first thing in the morning a visit to our little café down the street on our way to the gym. It was always fun to see the same daily faces that greeted us with a smile. Oporto bakery on R. do Pinheiro 86, .


Trying to keep up with our fitness routine was part of the morning ritual. We joined a fitness centre Fitness Hut for a month and Liane was very helpful in assisting us with  the registration process and orientation as all the information was all in Portuguese.😊

I loved going to visit my little “fish” lady as she always had fresh fish daily. Her little “hole in the wall” fish store was right next to our apartment building. The first time I went there she made me laugh as she insisted I take the head of the fish with me even though I kept saying with my hand gestures that  It was okay I didn’t really need it. Oh well Bernard will probably eat it! 😊

Thumbs up!


All nicely prepared for me! 😊🐟


It was always fun cooking at the apartment and going to the small local food market to see what new and interesting things we could find for our next meal.

Hum…Do I have a chicken feet recipe?

Who said red wine doesn’t go with fish!


We loved to see Mr. & Mrs.Portuguese  going down the street in the mornings, often hand in hand. 😊


By mid to late afternoon as the locals do, we often had to go sit and have that second um café with a little “pâtisserie” on the side of course. Our “go to”spots in the afternoon was often at la Chouquette, a Patisserie, Café et salon de thé on 78, Rua de Miguel Bombarda. This café only opened a few months ago. A young French couple who have moved to Porto and they are hoping this little café will keep them here.



fullsizeoutput_1f46.jpegAnother one of our favourites(see below) was Café Moustache on Praça de Carlos Alberto 104. Didn’t look like much from the outside but when you brought your coffee upstairs you were in another world. To our pleasant surprise a poster of “life is beautiful” hung on the wall. How appropriate!

“La vie est belle”

It was always fun walking around the neighbourhood and discovering it’s vibe .



We would stop at the hostel from time to time to eat a soup. I would stay here anytime. It was called Pilot Design Hostel.



Okay so this was a neat place (see below), called Cookery Food Bar. You can also find a little more detail on this link Cookery Food Bar.  So you walked into this place and it starts out as a store, they’ve even kept the old railway tracks in the floor. Then you continue to move further down the store and they have a little food bar and tables, then even further back again is a cooking workshop station with a full kitchen where they do cooking classes. Workshops Pop-up. We were there twice for lunch. The soup was to die for. They served the soups bowls in old iron pans. Pretty cool!




In a hurry we often opted for a quick sandwich and glass of wine at Lareira 10 euros for everything. (see below) Thanks Della & Jean 😊

Happy hour was sometimes spent at the little Taverna Aduela, R. Das Oliveiras 36, {see below} as it was just a short walk away. 🍷


So in closing what did we love about Porto -❤️

1. The culture.

2. The food.

3. It’s just the right size.

4. The safety.

5. The weather.

6. The wine , coffee & port.

7. The transportation system. Day trips to quaint places around the city.

8. And we saved the main reason for last: the people. Even in this time of expansion, the authenticity and friendliness of the Portugueses people is one of the city’s trademarks.

What else could we have asked for?!

Porto we will be missing you tremendously! 😔 ❤️

Next adventure, Montenegro!

4 thoughts on “Daily life in a cool neighbourhood.

  1. Ce n’est pas croyable que votre séjour au Portugal est déjà terminé! Ce fut vraiment agréable de vous suivre sur votre blog. Nous continuons à vous suivre au Monténégro. 😍


  2. Amen! Contente que vous avez aimé Porto et la région. Vous avez trouvé beaucoup de nouveaux petits trésors que nous avons hâte d’explorer bientôt. Nous adorons lire votre blog et avons hâte au prochain chapitre de “ notre p’tite nappe champêtre”. Bon 🧳!


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