Bay of Kotor, Montenegro.

Quaint, zen, inspiring were the words that came to mind when we set our eyes on this place! We actually struggled to find words that would accurately describe the natural beauty of this place.


We have been here now for several days and we are still mesmerized by the beauty of this place. It’s like we are in a painting.  We just keep looking around us and we are speechless. fullsizeoutput_224eNot even sure our photos will do it justice as I think you would need a professional photographer to truly capture its beauty. Hopefully, our photos will at least assist us in remembering the feeling we had here for years to come.fullsizeoutput_22f6.jpeg


We are hoping before we leave Kotor next month that we can eat at Galion restaurant , which is this beautiful restaurant (see below) that is located out onto the water.  😊fullsizeoutput_2297.jpeg





We we went walking we loved this beautiful haze hovering around the mountains first thing in the morning.



Guess where we are having our first Kafa this morning?😊


We hiked the walls of the city of Kotor or sometimes called the ladder of Kotor. The destination in the mountains was the Church of Lady of Remedy which is a Roman Catholic church that dates from the early XIV century.  Then further up to the ruins of the castle of San Giovanni.  (see the tiny black arrows indicating both).fullsizeoutput_2303.jpegIt was a beautiful morning hike up there. We left around 9am and we were back to the old town early afternoon. We took our time up and admired the views. We did not find the climb to be that strenuous, we just needed to watch our step.

We encountered some pretty fat cats along the way. Hum! IMG_3996IMG_4001IMG_4032IMG_3999.JPGfullsizeoutput_228bfullsizeoutput_22a8

We reached the summit for the ultimate view!

fullsizeoutput_22a9fullsizeoutput_22aaBack at ground level to end this great day we went for a walk around the Bay. We simply can’t get enough of it!IMG_4340.JPGIMG_4333.JPG

Total relaxation but it’s time to go back, the sun is coming down.



9 thoughts on “Bay of Kotor, Montenegro.

  1. Que c’est beau! Avec les montagnes et l’eau, c’est tellement pittoresque! Ça fait penser un peu aux Rocheuses, comme Lac Louise. Enjoy!!

  2. Wow! Quel bel endroit! Pittoresque, zen, inspirant, … Vous l’avez bien dit c’est comme si vous êtes dans une photo, une peinture! La dolce vita! ENJOY !

  3. Wow! Quel bel endroit! Pittoresque, zen, inspirant, … Vous l’avez bien dit c’est comme si vous êtes dans une photo, une peinture! La dolce vita! ENJOY ! Y

  4. People here at work keep wondering how your adventure is coming along and I tell them to take a peek at your fabulous pictures along the way…your blog is wonderful to follow even though I am extremely jealous…
    Take care and keep the wine flowing!!!

  5. Hey, wish you guys were here! It’s going fast Roxy. Glad your tagging along. Check my post tomorrow you’ll love it, another wine story, I’m writing it up now before I go to bed . Cheers to everyone! Email me some pictures of the baby, must be growing.

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