Winter “Karneval”.

We were told that the Kotor Winter “Karneval” has been celebrated now for over a century. It’s celebrated each year during the last week of February.  The festivities include a masquerade ball, concerts, children’s activities, a parade, traditional costumes and tastings of local cuisine.


Let’s join in on the fun!



Look who joined in as well after a few beers! IMG_5480.JPG


The parade was fun and was held on the last day of the festival as part of the closing ceremonies.


fullsizeoutput_2641Ilustracija, foto: Dolce Vita









In the evening two groups were brought in for the entertainment, one from Italy. This group was awesome and got everyone on their feet! We felt right at home! The name, “Terraross”. fullsizeoutput_2675


The second group was from Croatia and the main singer definitely had similarities to  “Tom Jones”. He actually did a few of the Tom Jones repertoire in the Croatian language. Name, “Goran Karan”.  Awesome singer!


Well the evening & festivities ended on a good note, with a shot of “Rakija”. Remember, it gets rid of bad bacteria. 😊


Traditional winter Kotor Carnival 2019

Traditional song played during Karneval week.

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  1. This is awesome!! Looked like a great time…you really captured it in the pictures Aline! How many beers did it take for Bernard to put on his mask…Gio is thinking after one it was “okay sure!!”

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