Roaming around the city of Zagreb.

Can’t get enough of this city…fullsizeoutput_2c23

Our first stop is at the National Theatre which is a spectacular building (photo above) and as we got closer to it we got to truly appreciate its incredible architectural details.fullsizeoutput_296fIMG_6761On one of the very first days here, we were taking a quiet walk around the upper town, when suddenly we almost SH_T in our pants!!!! The Lotrščak Tower (see below) which has two windows at the top, fired a cannon in one of the windows to announce the noon hour. AND let us tell you it’s no soft bang! A few days later, when we were at the upper town again we waited for the canon to fire so we could actually see it go off. It actually makes more noise then smoke! (you might notice a bit of the smoke coming out of it in the photo below). I didn’t think this photo would even work as I was trembling in my shoes waiting for the darn thing to go off!fullsizeoutput_2bbd.jpeg

After the bang, we got to climb to the top of the tower for just a few kunas and see this amazing view (below) from the Zagreb is colourful.fullsizeoutput_2a76

fullsizeoutput_2c63It’s also a bike-friendly city. On its website, the city reports  “that the Croatian capital is the sixth capital in the European Union when it comes to using bicycle transport.”


It’s interesting to walk the streets as you never know what’s around the next corner.IMG_7347.JPG

Does anyone remember this story?fullsizeoutput_2cd0.jpegThe Stone Arch (below) is the oldest entrance that leads you to the upper town. Inside this arch is a shrine of the Virgin Mary. During a fire in 1731, a painting of the Virgin Mary was left undamaged. As a result of this, the people of Zagreb built a chapel within the arch. The painting of the Virgin Mary is still hanging there inside and it has become a shrine which is visited by people who come to light a candle and pray.fullsizeoutput_2b6e.jpegFor 150 years now, the streets lights of the upper town gets illuminated manually, one by one. There are still 214 of them. We are on a mission to catch these guys in the act before we leave Zagreb. We’ll let you know if we do!

As you walk around and look upwards you always seem to notice the Cathedral which towers over the city.  As you get closer to it you get attracted to its very detailed entrance.fullsizeoutput_2c4f.jpegfullsizeoutput_2bc4.jpegThe Grič Tunnel (below) was built in 1943, during World War II. Its primary purpose was to shelter civilians from the bombings during WWII and the Croatian War.  It is part of a network of Zagreb tunnels underground. The main one which is open to the public is 350-metres long. We read that amazing events are held inside during the year. When not used for events, it is an underground shortcut. It takes about five minutes to walk from one end to the other and cuts under the upper town. Bernard lets go in!fullsizeoutput_2cdd.jpegWhen we walked through on this day there was a photography exposition taking place inside the tunnel.IMG_1238.JPGWell enough roaming for now, isn’t it happy hour already? IMG_1182

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  1. Vous êtes pas mal cute! C’est beau d’être jeune! Nous n’ecrivons pas de notes à chaque fois, mais nous vous suivons religieusement! 😇 On a hâte de vous revoir.

  2. Fun! On est fier de vous autres, vous semblez bien vous amusez! Toujours un happy hour en quelque part!

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