Road trips.

Since we’ve arrived in Zagreb we’ve done a couple of bus trips outside the city and one walking trek to a beautiful serene place within the city.


Plitvice Lakes National Park – 

A couple of weeks ago we took a bus to visit Plitvice Lakes (National Park) which many consider to be Croatia’s greatest natural attraction. We left Zagreb early in the morning by bus and we were there in just a little over two hours. Plitvice made the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1979.

For locals, Plitvice has added significance. We learned that this is where the war of 1991 began. The first shots were fired at this park and the first casualty was a park policemen.

There are 16 cascading lakes and waterfalls throughout the park. What is impressive is the crystal clear turquoise water and the boardwalks throughout the park that allows you to see the scenery right up close.

Here’s a few pic’s of our beautiful day in this natural peaceful oasis.


Below click on each smaller individual photos, they will enlarge in order to get a closer look.


Mirogoj Cemetery

We left on a beautiful warm Sunday afternoon to trek up to Mirogoj Cemetery. Everything we read about Zagreb included this cemetery as being one of Zagreb’s most scenic landmarks.


Designed by Hermann Bollé, in 1876, he is the same architect responsible for designing Zagreb’s Cathedral.

The size of this cemetery and its architectural beauty is so impressive and breathtaking.  As you walk under the grand arches and the gothic domes it’s hard to describe it’s beauty in words. It’s such a surreal setting and even though you are in the city you can only hear the sounds of the birds chirping away and the light wind blowing on the leaves. With over 300,000 people buried here you cannot help for a few minutes to be reminded of your own mortality.



We learned as well that the park across the street from the cemetery is often a place where students come to chill out and study.


Samobor – 

Our final trek was to Samobor which is only 20km west of Zagreb near the Slovene border. By bus it’s about a 45 minute ride away.


We will admit that the only reason we made this trip was to indulge on traditional local food.  We wanted to taste  bermet, a drink this town is famous for. As well another of their specialty is the samoborska kremšnita cream cake,  which is taken with coffee after lunch. Of course we couldn’t wait for after lunch so we headed at 10:30am on our arrival  to the Livadić Hotel located in the Main Square to eat this divine dessert!

In order not to feel too guilty about the cake first thing in the morning 😊 🍰 we decided to go for a stroll in the town’s historic Main Square and the park.

Next, on the list was to hunt down the bermet liqueur. It’s is a sweet and sour apéritif that is made according to a secret recipe. What we do know is that it contains at least  a mixture of wine, nutmeg, anise, vanilla and dried figs.  We found it had similarities to a Sangria. Nice and refreshing on a warm Spring day! 🌻

Bernard, am I seeing things, I can’t seem to get this glass upright! Am I drunk already!😊

Then it was off to the restoranSamoborska kelt for lunch.

This place has an old-fashioned furnace in the middle of the restaurant which gives it a special ambience and a beautiful outdoor terrace where we choose to spent most part of the afternoon.  The food, the wine and each other’s company was all we could have asked for to end this perfect indulging day!😊


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