Zagreb cafés, the sequel.

Most mornings after our gym routine it’s been fun to venture out looking for new spots to have our first cup of kava. Discovering all of what this city has to offer on the coffee scene is a full-time job! What we enjoyed most about doing this, other than having coffee, was exploring all the different corners of the city that these different cafés brought us too.

One important point to mention is that the majority of these cafés also serve alcoholic or other types of beverages, besides coffee. They are nice spots to enjoy a nice glass of wine at any time or even having a nice tea for those tea lovers out there.

Our two posts on cafés will be a great way for us to keep track of the ones we’ve been too and have enjoyed. This will assist us in our next time in Zagreb. AND believe us there will be a next time! Let’s start this second round at Finjak.


 Finjak Café has an inviting courtyard, especially in the evening with its cool little chandelier fixture hanging over the tables giving it an intimate ambiance to relax. Great place to have drinks as well.


The café is quite original as it is decorated with many old and crazy things. We read that for years, the owner, who once managed an antique shop close by, brought over some of the store’s collection to the café. This place just brings you back in time.  We were surprised to learn from the staff that their coffee machine was previously owned by Tito, (the former leader of what was then Yugoslavia) which he had on his boat at the time.

The whole place is all pretty cool! The drink selection is quite extensive as well. So many things to see. Maybe we’ll get to remember it all through our photos.


They even had crystal glasses for our cognac! Nice touch.IMG_8008.JPG


Kim’s Café  –  (below) is almost like having coffee in your own living room. It has big comfy chairs with a whimsical decor and a nice seating area outside with bright red polka dot tablecloths. This café offers an extensive coffee choice as well as smoothies, shakes, juices, along with cakes and croissants.

Bernard, it’s nice out there, let’s check it out!

Kavana Lav – (below)

The front room of this café is an art gallery with local artists’ works for sale. Like most cafés in the city, they also have a quaint little terrace outside. Beyond coffee, they have a selection of teas, beers, wines, cognac, AND DESSERTS!🍮

The young lady who served us this day told us that they often hold events. The night before we were there they had a fashion show with models wearing clothes of the paintings from the artist’s work that was currently displayed at the café. How cool is that! Sorry I missed that one.



The backroom of this café is a totally different décor. It has a comfy seating area with big brown leather chairs. One afternoon we headed to the upper town and ended up there again for dessert. They make their own desserts on-site and believe us they are heavenly. I go for the chocolate torte and Bernard for the banana cake with white chocolate. That afternoon we had the back room to ourselves and it started raining hail outside with thunder & lightning. What a perfect setting for great jazz music, dessert, tea, and some good laughs! 😂


In the photo below you see the hail on the chairs outside. More tea please, we’re staying here for the afternoon!


Korica – (see below)

Kortica, which translates to “crust” is an artisan bakery. They make their bread with only four basic ingredients, flour, water, yeast & salt. Nothing fancy, just the simple old-fashioned way of making bread. The morning we were there everyone in Zagreb seemed to be picking one up! They also make pastries; croissants, pies, cookies, banana bread to name a few.

On this specific day, we decided to try the almond croissant and banana bread. Yummy! The coffee is great too and served in colourful, playful mugs.



U dvorištu –  (below) The name means “café in the courtyard”. This café is hidden in a passageway and you must really pay attention not to miss it. They roast their own coffee beans. Cognito coffee is very well recognized and served at different cafés in the city. This is one nice cup of espresso. This coffee shop recently received recognition as being the 7th best coffee shop in Europe by Big 7 Media Travel. It’s all about quality here!☕️fullsizeoutput_2cc4


Greenery Procaffé – (below)  This café is all about a backyard garden brought indoors. The first thing that catches your eye when you first walk through the door is the sing sets. We were lucky as one of the sets had no one sitting on it when we walked in. Why not be a kid again.😊  We just couldn’t leave this café, so we ended up staying there for drinks after our coffee, swinging away!




Meet Mia – (below) This is another beautifully decorated interior & exterior café with a lot of nice details & colours.  The desserts behind the glass look as if they came straight from Paris. At this location, we enjoyed as much the outdoor seating as we did the inside. Too many choices here, on everything, including quality!fullsizeoutput_2e0b



Quahwa –  (below)  Quahwa translate to “coffee lovers only” Quahwa treats coffee like a chef would for his food. They are one of the few independent roasters in the city.  They have beans from around the world that are roasted site. Coffee is slightly more expensive than what you’d find in other cafés but the difference is quality and it is obvious so worth the extra few kunas. They are also one of the few places now in the city where you can get Turkish coffee.



Turkish coffee please! Okay so you place a little copper pot into the hot sand to heat it up, then what?? Know all the answers now. Thanks, Quahwa staff for the demonstration, got it now!

Bernard, what do you think about this Turkish coffee? “Absolutely no bitterness, strong and smooth”.IMG_8427

This guy making the coffee below just won the regional title of the Sarajevo Latte Art challenge. Congratulations!

I think our sister-in-law would agree with us on this one! 😊

coffee the most important


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  1. Ce sont vraiment de beaux petits cafés! Avec tout ça Aline, tu serais une excellente guide touristique! Peut-être une seconde carrière?

  2. Oh la la! les amis!! Vous êtes en train de faire une belle recherche des cafés de Zagreb. Vous aimez le café ☕️ pi c’est vrai. Espérons que vous ne buvez pas seulement du café ?? 🍷 🍷 Tu l’dis la retraite, c’est une belle carrière! Nous sommes choyé d’avoir la santé pour en prendre avantage.

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