Lovin’ life on the peak of Mount Pilatus, Switzerland.

On top of the world!


What a way for us to end this journey! This week we spent a day on Mount Pilatus and we were feeling just incredible.IMG_2208

Basically we went up one side of the mountain and came down the other. To get up there we had to take two different cable cars and then we came down by cogwheel. On the Pilatus website it explains that the cogwheel “has a gradient of 48 percent , that is the steepest cogwheel railway in the world”. 

Image result for map of mount pilatus

Here’s a few photos of our day and a little video we made while we were up there.

It was a slow climb up in the first cable car. It was so cool going up, you could hear the ringing of the cow bells in the meadows below.


We are basically going way up there somewhere in those clouds.fullsizeoutput_394a

We eventually MADE IT! 👍IMG_2216


Snow! Haven’t seen any of that stuff this winter. 😊


People hiking & paragliding below.




Here below I caught a shot of a cogwheel going down.fullsizeoutput_38f0.jpeg

Coming down was just as beautiful!IMG_2350

Here’s a second cogwheel following us. This was a cool ride down.


Here’s a little video we took while we were at the peak. It’s hard to see the beauty but hope you’ll capture our excitement at least.


After this amazing day it was back to Lucerne , a city we will have a hard time leaving. Stayed tuned, we will be posting something on Lucerne before we leave.

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