A postcard from Lucerne, Switzerland.

Come see Lucerne through our lens.fullsizeoutput_33cf.jpeg

We visited Zurich in 2017. During that visit we did not have time to travel to Lucerne, a destination we wanted to see especially after seeing a postcard of that city while in Zurich. We realized after seeing that postcard that we would have to eventually see Lucerne for ourselves. Being in Slovenia this year got us closer to Switzerland and made it possible for us to get there.

We flew from Ljubljana to Zurich and then it was quite easy, we took a train directly from the Zurich airport to Lucerne. The trains leave the airport on the hour. It was only a one hour train ride to get to Lucerne.

We wasted no time to set out for a stroll through Lucerne. One of the highlights being the Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrücke) . It was as beautiful as the postcard we had seen. 😊 Besides its unique look, this bridge is also the oldest wood-covered bridge in Europe. It crosses from one side of the river to the other in a zig-zag kind of way.fullsizeoutput_3950.jpegfullsizeoutput_3887

Can you make out who’s that tourist peeking through, with the red hat below!😊

fullsizeoutput_3888.jpegPaintings are scattered throughout the bridge, hanging from the ceiling. They were added in the 17th century and illustrates Swiss local history.  Unfortunately in 1993 some of the Chapel Bridge burned and only a handful of the 100+ paintings were saved.IMG_2098.JPGfullsizeoutput_38ac.jpeg

This city is absolutely gorgeous. IMG_2079.JPG

Love the architecture.


Mary Poppins (below) with the umbrella! 😊 The first day we were in Lucerne it was crazy weather, one minute it would rain the next minute, beautiful sunshine.


Lake Lucerne.



We got lucky in a way with our airbnb accommodations in Lucerne. We had booked just a small studio apartment as it is so expensive here. But while in Rovinj we received a message from the host asking if we would change apartment ( an upgrade). Oh yeah! for sure as it was exactly in the same neighbourhood as the studio we had originally booked. So we ended up getting a 2 bedroom with two balconies! In the photo below this was our apartment building and just above Bernard’s finger was the apartment.fullsizeoutput_38c4.jpeg

Sitting on our balcony enjoying hubby’s new recipe!fullsizeoutput_390d.jpeg

Now this was really cool for us, if you look at the ground level of the building where we were staying you will notice a Dr. Oetker Café.  Dr.Oetker is a German multinational company that produces various baking products. Some of you might recognize this brand. Anyways, since we first arrived in Europe in January we’ve been buying their pancake mix anytime we could find it during our travels. It was always a treat to go with our Canadian maple syrup. It wasn’t always easy to find as most European countries we went to do not make pancakes for breakfast. So it was quite funny that at our last destination we would be staying right on top of this café. And by the way they did sell their pancake mix here as well!😊


As we say aurevoir to Lucerne we also complete our journey here. ❤️


What we enjoyed about Lucerne –

1. Lucerne is not just beautiful, it is ridiculously, jaw-dropping gorgeous.

2. Customer service is awesome.

3. City is spotless.

4. Friendly locals.

5. It was so much fun looking at the nice fashion.

What we didn’t find here –

Lucerne you are way too pricey, but we forgive you because you’re so beautiful!


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