A glamping experience at Cielo.

La Perle de Lune.

  Glamping we were told is basically a camping adventure without sacrificing an ounce of comfort. Well that sounded interesting. It’s not cheap but it’s an experience that we would recommend for everyone to try at least once.

As we opened the door to our little perle we decided right then and there that glamping was for going to be for us. 😊

Couldn’t wait to snuggle up in this bed while gazing at the stars with my Monsieur.

The barn wood trim throughout the dome adds a lot of warmth and coziness to the whole place.

No wi-fi or tv’s. Total tranquility and relaxation is what we found here.

A cozy and quiet autumn evening in our little cocoon.

It had a minimalist but yet practical kitchen.

The dome was set in a natural setting and off the beaten path.

 All the domes have great outdoor spaces and each one is equipped with a “green egg” wood barbecue.

It was total relaxation as we listened to the crackling fire coming from the stove. The water in the hot tub is entirely heated up by a small little wood stove that is situated right next to it.

Bernard I think you forgot something! 😊

Here, I’ll pour you a drink to warm you up!

A little snack before dinner in this little oasis which is entirely surrounded by nature.

Early morning, we were awaken by the sound of the rain falling on our rooftop. We just didn’t want to get up.

We didn’t get to sleep in our old stuffy sleeping bags. ☹️ We just got to snuggle up in luxurious linen that was so soft and comfy. Even better than home!

Thank-you Cielo https://en.glampingcielo.com/, we will hopefully be back to this beautiful setting. We would love to try this experience during the winter months.





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