About Us

We are a Canadian couple who thoroughly enjoy travel and adventure. Our little picnic tablecloth has accompanied us so far in all our travels. It became the inspiration for the name of our blog. Try to find it in some of our travel photos.

Our blog will primarily serve as a souvenir for ourselves to look back later and reflect on our travels. It is also a journal where we will highlight some of our most memorable moments through photos, travel tips, anecdotes and some of the  “little treasures” we have discovered along the way. Some of our information might be helpful for other travelers as well so that is why we are sharing it with you. Happy reading & happy traveling!


Nous sommes un couple Canadien qui adore les voyages et l’aventure. Notre p’tite nappe champêtre nous accompagne dans nos voyages depuis déjà plusieurs années. De là, vient le nom de notre blog. Essayez de la trouver dans nos photos de voyages à travers ce blog.

Ce blog devient notre carnet de voyage. On souhaite aussi partager quelques uns de nos moments intéressants, des photos, des anecdotes et des découvertes qui pourraient peux-être servir à d’autres au cours de leurs voyages. Bonne lecture et bon voyage!