France – exploring some of it’s wine regions & cuisine. September, 2002

So back in 2002 we did not own a digital camera but we did manage to find a few photos  that we’ve scanned to include in this post. We’ll at least write a few notes so that this trip can become part of our travel journal.

On this trip we travelled with friends to France. We wanted to focus on some of France most renown wine regions and as well experience the culture and delicious French cuisine.

Amboise – The Loire Valley

We flew into Paris and took the train immediately to Amboise. The town of Amboise is located in the Loire Valley. Related image

Amboise, Loire Valley

In Amboise we stayed at Le Blason. Our room was on the top floor so we needed to take a very narrow staircase to get to it. (please don’t take trunk suitcases if you plan on staying here.  I did learn over the years Bernard😊) What we thoroughly enjoyed about this hotel was that it was in a great location and it had a beautiful outdoor garden patio restaurant in the back of it where we ate a couple of great meals.

The Loire Valley is often visited because of all it’s beautiful Châteaux and wines. We only wanted to visit one of those châteaux so we choose the Château de Chenonceau as it is supposedly the Loire Valley’s most recognizable and romantic château.Image result for chateau de chenonceau

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Lyon, France – October, 2017

From Beaune we took the train to Lyon.  This was the final three days of our trip. From  this city we will be flying back home.Image result for france lyon map

Lyon….hum, a bit of a love/hate relationship ❤️ 😡.  After having spent the last two weeks cycling the Alsace & Burgundy regions we think it might have been a bit of a shock to our system when we arrived in Lyon. We had been seduced by the Alsace & Burgundy wine regions with it’s beautiful countryside and it’s quaint little villages . Arriving in Lyon we quickly realized we were entering into the hustle and bustle of  big city life. Lyon of course being the 2nd largest city in France, after Paris.

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Cycling the Burgundy Wine Route – France, September 2017

Bonjour la Bourgogne!

On September 29th, 2017 we set out for the next stage of our self guided cycle tour, The Burgundy Wine Route. We cycled from Dijon to Beaune. (Alsace wine region was the first part of our trip).Image result for map of france burgundy wine route


In planning the Burgundy Wine Route we dealt with the cycle company, Bike Tours. The  company arranged our lodging, bikes, bike bags, GPS, luggage transport to each destination, route planning, suggested highlights to visit and an emergency hotline. The difficulty level we decided to go with was level 3 (out of 5) which was described by the company as “rolling, hilly terrain” . It was approx. 40 kms of cycling each day . We determined our own pace and we did a lot of stops along the way. This tour highlights the wines of Burgundy and it’s cuisine.  🍷😊For this self guided tour we decided to choose the deluxe package which included upgraded accommodations and included two dinners at the Château de Gilly in Vougeot.

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Cycling the Alsace Wine Route – France September 2017

Since we absolutely love wine and great food, we decided to book a self-guided bike tour, of the Alsace & Burgundy wine regions, for our 35th wedding anniversary. Wow, what an amazing trip this turned out to be. We would love to re-do this trip all over again. The Alsace region should be visited late Summer or early Fall at the time when the flowers are in full bloom. It is breathtaking to see all the window boxes filled with vibrant flowers as you cycle through these quaint Alsace villages.

For the Alsace cycling portion of the trip, we booked our self guided bike tour with a company called, Discover France They arranged the lodging for us,  as well as the bikes, bags, luggage transport, GPS, area description, route planning, suggested highlights to visit  and an emergency hotline. Based on our requested “difficulty level”, they provided us with a recommended bike route that best suited our fitness. For this bike tour we choose a level this company has named  “Hobby”. They define this level as “Weekend riders. People with some cycling experience, rolling countryside and possible short climbs.” It is approx. 30-50 kms a day of cycling and can take up to 3-5 hours. However the time it took each day was up to us as we were cycling by yourselves so no one was rushing us. You determine your pace. We are only weekend bikers per say and we had no major problems to complete this route. Here is route we took:

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