France – exploring some of it’s wine regions & cuisine. September, 2002

Back in 2002, we did not own a digital camera but we did manage to find a few photos that we’ve scanned to include in this post. We’ve written a few highlights so that this trip can become part of our travel journal.

On this trip, we travelled with friends to France. We wanted to discover some of this country’s renowned wine regions and experience some of their local cuisine.

Amboise – The Loire Valley

We flew into Paris and took the train immediately to Amboise. The town of Amboise is located in the Loire Valley.

In Amboise, we stayed at Le Blason. Our room was on the top floor so we needed to take a very narrow staircase to get to it. (Please don’t take trunk suitcases if you plan on staying here. (I did learn over the years, Bernard😊) What we thoroughly enjoyed about this hotel was that it was in a great location and had a beautiful outdoor garden restaurant in the back of it where we ate a couple of great meals.

The Loire Valley is often visited because of all its beautiful Châteaux and wines. We only wanted to visit one of those châteaux so we chose the Château de Chenonceau as it is supposedly the Loire Valley’s most recognizable and romantic château.

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