Life inside the walls.

The old fortified town of Kotor is on the UNESCO world heritage list. We’ve learned that this old town is one of the most well-preserved old towns in Europe and has survived many regimes and natural disasters. As you enter the town, you see a plaque with these words inscribed that describe the history and attitude of the town, it’s translation “What belongs to others we don’t want, what is ours we will never surrender” – President Tito of Yugoslavia.


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Winter “Karneval”.

We were told that the Kotor Winter “Karneval” has been celebrated now for over a century. It’s celebrated each year during the last week of February.  The festivities  include a masquerade ball, concerts, children’s activities, a parade, traditional costumes and tastings of local cuisine.


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Was it speaking to us?

It happens to all of us, those awesome plans made over a glass of wine. Some of them materialize and others are just all talk and never materialize.

The first day we arrived in Kotor we went for a walk around the old town. We noticed a sign and it grabbed our attention.


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