Foz- The Atlantic Ocean, it’s never that far away.

Here comes our taxi, good old tram No. 1🚋. The Linha 1 tram screeches and rattles along the Douro River from the Ribeira district of Porto to the Foz do Duoro district,  and this is exactly where we were headed. So hop on its so much fun!


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People you meet along the way…

As we travel, each destination provides us with something unique to discover.  The other part however of our travelling is the people we meet along the way.
We came pretty much as strangers to this Portuguese home, wondering what to expect, but we left having made new friendships.

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Guimarães, le berceau du Portugal.

This was a day trip from Porto. We fell in love ❤️ with Guimarães, so much so that we are planning to return there before we leave Portugal and maybe even spending the night. It’s a small city north of Porto with the centre only having a population of about 55,000 people.


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