Madrid, Spain – May, 2014

We took the train from Cordoba to Madrid. Wow, we must mention that we found Madrid’s main train station to be quite impressive. Madrid was our final stop before heading back home to Canada. We stayed here for a couple of nights. We did not get to see as much of Madrid as we would have liked. So guess what, we’ll be back!

Almudena Cathedral

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Córdoba, Spain – May, 2014

Cordoba was just an awesome place! We couldn’t have picked a better time to visit this city as it was during their Festival of Patios. Take the time to click on the link to better understand how this festival came to be.

This would be one of the most amazing European festivals we’ve seen!

P1010818We’ll come back to this festival further down in this post.

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Granada, Spain – May, 2014

We absolutely loved the Andalusia region of Spain.Image result for map of Ronda, spain

We visited Seville, Ronda, Granada, and Cordoba. We would definitely re-do this trip.

Unfortunately, we were only able to get to the doors of the Alhambra in Granada. So close to getting in….😢.  We did not have tickets. We had not planned that one very well.

We did, however, see and spent time at the Parador de Granada located on the grounds of the Alhambra. They have beautiful gardens, fountains and the atmosphere is so peaceful.

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Ronda, Spain – May 2014

Funny how you find these interesting little places as you do your research for a trip. Ronda was one of those last-minute finds. Now we can’t imagine that we would have missed this little mountaintop city. It sits above a deep gorge.Related image

From Seville, we took a bus to Ronda. No trains reach this city. The ride in the mountains was both breathtaking and hands over the eyes, scary!!


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Sevilla, Spain – May 2014

It took us a good part of the day travelling by train from Barcelona to Seville, as we had to do a changeover in Madrid. In Seville we stayed in an apartment, Corral Rey Terrace 1 which we had booked through an agency called Veoapartment. They specialize in short-term city rentals, mostly in southern Spain. This was an amazing apartment. The part we enjoyed the most about this apartment was its incredible rooftop patio which overlooked the Giralda and the Cathedral.

Chilling out on the rooftop patio!

The inside of this apartment was also very nice, comfortable, modern and well-kept.

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Barcelona, Spain – April, 2014

In Barcelona, we stayed at an apartment that had a rooftop patio. It wasn’t an incredible apartment but it was a great price, clean and in a good location. I think it was mostly the patio that could have used a bit of tender loving care. It might have had a “facelift” since we were there.

We stayed for 4 days in Barcelona. The first day was spent watching some great tennis. The Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell was happening at the same time we were there so we took advantage of it.

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