Zagreb cafés, the sequel.

Most mornings after our gym routine it’s been fun to venture out looking for new spots to have our first cup of kava. Discovering all of what this city has to offer on the coffee scene is a full time job! What we enjoyed most about doing this, other then having coffee, was exploring all the different corners of the city that these different cafés brought us too.

One important point to mention is that the majority of these cafés also serve alcoholic or other types of beverages, besides coffee. They are nice spots to enjoy a nice glass of wine at any time or even having a nice tea for those tea lovers out there.

Our two posts on cafés will be a great way for us to keep track of the ones we’ve been too and have enjoyed. This will assist us for our next time in Zagreb. AND believe us there will be a next time! Let’s start this second round at Finjak.


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The historic city of Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Sitting enjoying the sunset is how we started our first few hours in Dubrovnik. We had drinks at a tiny bar which is actually chiselled into the side of a big rock cliff. The setting was incredibly beautiful and yes, romantic ❤️. We lucked out with the weather, it was warm and we were able to stay there long enough to admire the sunset. 🌅

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Life inside the walls.

The old fortified town of Kotor is on the UNESCO world heritage list. We’ve learned that this old town is one of the most well-preserved old towns in Europe and has survived many regimes and natural disasters. As you enter the town, you see a plaque with these words inscribed that describe the history and attitude of the town, it’s translation “What belongs to others we don’t want, what is ours we will never surrender” – President Tito of Yugoslavia.


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